Monday, October 19, 2009

Half way! :-)

We have made it to the half way point in the pregnancy! Part of me can't believe we have already come this far and the other part thinks that it's going so slow. ;-) I just can't wait for our little peanut to be here!! Just a few more months and she will be! We are praying that she comes a little early. Maybe at the end of February or the first few days in March. We are also praying for a very quick and easy delivery. If you think of it, please pray for the same!

Our little peanut is beginning to move more frequently and her kicks are becoming stronger! It is so fun to feel her moving around in there. Brian loves to feel her move too! It has become a nightly ritual to talk to her and feel her kick. What a wonderful blessing! Tomorrow is a special day. We are going in for the 20 week ultrasound. This will be a detailed ultrasound of our baby girl. If we hadn't found out earlier, this would be the appointment where we find out if our lil' peanut is a boy or a girl. But instead, it will just be to confirm it. We can't wait to see our sweet girl tomorrow!

Today was a very special day because our good friends welcomed their baby into the world! Truss Sanders arrived this afternoon at 3:51 pm. He is precious!! We were able to go visit the Sanders' family this evening and got to admire their new little man. What a miracle he is! He is fearfully and wonderfully made. Tally and Truss are both doing wonderfully!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Get A Kick Out Of You!

Peanut is kicking!! I love this new feeling. I thought I might have been feeling her kick for the last few weeks, but just wasn't sure. But this weekend I was sure! We spent the weekend in Tallahassee, visiting Brian's sister, Julie. It was a great weekend with Brian's family. The best part of it all though was feeling our lil' peanut kick and being able to share the moment with Brian and Julie. It took some patience, but they were both able to feel her kick too. Right now they are very sporadic and light, but I'm sure it won't be long before they are taking my breath away. :-)

Today marks the end of my 19th week of pregnancy. I can hardly believe that I am almost half way through! I am pretty sure that I am out of the vomit phase, which is wonderful! And my belly is growing every day! It's definitely becoming more and more real! I am still feeling the nausea on and off, but not nearly as bad as it once was. I am hoping to be able to stop taking Zofran in the next few weeks. I have cut down my dosage to just 1/3 of a pill every morning. At such a low dose, I'm pretty sure it's just a placebo affect, but I don't want to take any chances just yet. :-) One other change of late is the onset of pregnancy brain! It is no joke. Just now I noticed that my wedding rings weren't on my finger. I had absolutely no idea where they were. We spent a few minutes searching for them and ended up finding them in the car! I had taken them off to put lotion on and left them in the there! YIKES! I am never forgetful...this is definitely something new for me. Hopefully my brain will return to full function after this baby is born. HAHA