Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amoxicillin Allergy

Our sweet baby is covered in red spots, from head to toe! Emma has an apparent allergy to amoxicillin that was discovered after being on a round of antibiotics for an ear infection. A few days before Christmas we had to take her to urgent care when she was screaming hysterically at bedtime. Emma very rarely cries at all, so when she was inconsolable, we knew something was wrong! They immediately discovered an ear infection in her right ear and prescribed a dose of amoxicillin which we began that night. After being on the antibiotics for 5 days, she was hysterical again and had a fever, so we took her back to the walk in clinic. This time her left ear was infected, so they upped her dose of amoxicillin and off we went. After being on the higher dose for 2 days I noticed a red bumpy rash on her stomach and chin. The pediatrician advised us to stop giving it to her immediately and bring her in as soon as possible. So this morning we headed in for a Saturday sick appointment at the pediatrician's office. Low and behold, they have to assume that she has an allergy to amoxicillin. It isn't definite as it could also be a rash that has developed as a result of a viral infection, but to be safe, we have to assume it is an allergy. Unfortunately her left ear is still infected so they had to give her a new antibiotic (azythromicin) for the next 5 days. Yippee! Thankfully the rash doesn't appear to be bothering her at all and she is still our sweet, happy girl! Unfortunately the rash has gotten worse today and covers her entire body, from her scalp to the palms of her hands and soles of her feet. We are just praying now that the new medicine clears up the ear infection and doesn't have any negative side effects! We are beyond ready for everyone to be healthy around here again!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emma: 6 Months


We had another crazy month, but thankfully no ER trips were involved. :-)  You are half a year old!  How is that even possible.  Seriously?? 

At the beginning of this month, we started back with solids after taking a break due to constipation issues.  You tried many new foods this month: oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, pears, peas, and prunes.  You liked all of the new foods okay, but prunes are definitely your favorite!  However, eating is just not your favorite thing to do.

You had some good and some bad nights this month.  Some nights you went a full 12 hours without any feedings (rare) but we still had to replace your paci multiple times in the night.  But other nights you nursed 1-2 times in the night.  Nothing consistent still.  Your inconsistency is surely related to your many illnesses this month.  You were sick at the beginning of the month and the end.  Lots of congestion and a runny nose.  One night you had to sleep in the rock and play in our room because you were too congested for the paci...a requirement for sleep. Just yesterday we had to take you to the walk-in clinic because you were hysterical at bedtime.  You have your first ear infection and are now taking amoxicillin for the next 10 days.  :-(  Naps have also been hit or miss as a result.  You still eat every 3-3.5 hours during the day, with 5-6 feedings per day.  You continue to be a very fast (efficient) nurser with 5 minutes on one side being a typical feeding.

You can now sit up all by yourself and are starting to rock on all fours...yikes!  When did that happen?  I literally sat you down on the floor one day and realized you could sit on your own.  Oops, guess I should have tried that sooner. ;-)  You can also hold the bottle all by yourself now.  No signs of teeth yet, which for some reason makes me happy.  No teeth means you are still a little baby. :-)

We celebrated your half birthday today with a cake (for the adults), but are truly just in shock that you are already 6 months old.  Slow down, okay squishy?

6 Month Stats
- Diapers: Size 3
- Clothes: 6 & 9 Months
- Shoes: Size 1 or 2
- Weight: 17 lbs. 8 oz.
- Height: 26"

You are so precious Emmie!  If we could freeze time, we would, so we could soak up more time with you being so little.  Yes, we would like more sleep, but you are worth it!  Someday you will sleep through the night and so will we.  Until then.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hannah: 33 Months


My beautiful girl!  Your 33rd month of life has been full of ballet, traveling, Thanksgiving, sickness (again), Christmas countdown, and another potty training attempt.

One of my favorite conversations with you happened this month.  It went like this:
You: "Mommy, I like you."
Me: "Hannie, I love you!"
You: "No Mommy, I like you!"
Me: "Well, I like you and love you Hannie."
You: "I love you too Mommy!"
Sometimes, you just make my heart melt!  I will never stop loving you precious girl! 

For Thanksgiving we went to MeMaw and PaPaw's house in Florida.  You did such a great job on the ride down and back!  You even did great when we drove home through the night and had to transfer you into your bed at midnight.  It was so fun to see family!  When we returned from Florida, we wasted no time to start decorating for Christmas.  We started two Christmas traditions this year.  First is our advent calendar with a winter playmobile scene and bible verses that tell the story of Jesus' birth.  You love pulling a new piece out of the calendar to add to the scene every night.  Our other tradition is our Christmas countdown books.  We have 24 Christmas books in a basket under the tree and each night you pick one for us to read at bedtime.  Our first book (on Dec. 1) was "The Bearenstein Bear's Christmas Tree"...a family favorite from when I was little!  We all love spending time snuggling under the tree. :-)

This month you napped more often than not, which was a nice change!  Unfortunately your naps are still very short (never longer than 45 minutes) and you wake up screaming, crying after your cat nap...still tired and yawning. :-(. You are also taking a long time to fall asleep every night (1-2 hours some nights) and waking during the night and early in the morning.  You are just so overtired!  The great news though is that you are still sleeping in your big girl bed like a champ! You have still never attempted to get out of bed on your own...amazing!

Ballet lessons continued this month and you still like them very much.

You truly are the best big sister!  It is very rare that you are mean to Emma and are always wanting to hug her and play with her.  Every time I put Emma down for a nap you say, "Make good choices Emma.  Have sweet dreams.  Wait until your light is green.  Night Emma."  Just so sweet.

You spent most of this month sick with two more colds.  Yikes!  Will we ever build up immunity to all these germs?  Unfortunately all this sickness has been the hardest on Emma and this month things got pretty bad for her.  At the beginning of the month, Daddy went to Vegas for a work trip and we were on our own for the first time.  Scary!  Things got very bad on the second night that daddy was away when Emma took a turn for the worse and I ended up having to take her to the ER in the middle of the night.  I had to call my friend to come over and stay with you (since you were already asleep) and you did such an amazing job!  I ended up having to stay at the hospital with Emma for almost 24 hours (she was fine, but it was just precautionary) and since Daddy was away, you were shuffled around to several different people.  You woke up to Mrs. Asheley and you didn't bat an eye.  You did try to get her to give you candy for breakfast, but who can blame you.  ;-). When Mrs. Asheley had to leave, our neighbors came over to watch you (an older couple that you have met just a couple times).  Again, you didn't have any issue with that.  You just went about as if everything was normal.  So amazing!  When I realized Emma wasn't getting discharged anytime soon, I called another friend/neighbor to come get you.  You went over to their house with no fuss.  Thankfully I was able to get out by about 5pm and come get you at their house.  You were completely fine and didn't want to leave.  I was shocked by how adaptable you were throughout the whole ordeal!  I am forever grateful to our amazing friends and neighbors for being so incredible that day!  And I'm so proud of you for being so big!

Yet another attempt and failure with potty training happened at the end of this month.  Same results...holding your pee all day long.  Back to diapers.  Some day.  We scheduled a physical therapy evaluation to discuss your toe walking and potty training issues at the end of the month.  My guess is that you are dealing with some sensory processing issues, but we will see how it goes.  No matter what the outcome, we know that you are PERFECT!  There is nothing major that we are worried about, but just want to do everything we can to help you overcome these little struggles.

Other 33 month stats:
-You wear 3T and 4T clothes (size 4-6 leotard and size small tights)
-You wear size 8.5 shoes (size 9 ballet shoes)
-You wear size 6 diapers 

You are such a joy and we are blessed to call you daughter!