Monday, November 16, 2009

"For this child I prayed...."

24 weeks marks a milestone in my pregnancy! According to the pregnancy books, our lil' peanut has reached the age of viability (the ability to survive outside the womb). What a miracle! Of course, our prayer is that she stays put for several more months!!

She has become very active in the last few weeks. It's so fun to feel her kicking and stretching and moving all around. I find myself worrying when I haven't felt her in a while...just one more thing I have to constantly give over to the Lord! ;-)

Overall, I am feeling good. I still struggle with nausea on and off and have recently started dealing with heartburn. I was also introduced to round ligament pain the other day! OUCH! But through it all, I am reminded of the amazing blessing this pregnancy is! Even when I have been miserable and stuck in bed for several days in a row, I am quickly reminded of the joy that our lil' peanut brings to our lives. After struggling with infertility, the Lord was so faithful to hear our prayers and open my womb.

So....the big reveal! What are we naming our lil' peanut????

We chose our lil' peanut's name for several reasons, but one main one. While struggling with infertility, the Lord lead me to His word for comfort in 1 Samuel 1 & 2. These chapters are about a woman named Hannah and her struggle with infertility. She desperately wanted a child. She cried out to the Lord and in due time He answered her prayer! 1 Samuel 1:27 - "For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him." So, as a constant reminder of the Lord's faithfulness, we have decided to name our lil' peanut Hannah Grace! We chose Grace as the middle name for two reasons. First, because of the grace that the Lord has poured out on us in giving us our little miracle child and secondly, in honor of my cousin, Stephanie Grace. She is the one that introduced me and Brian! She was our matchmaker, so we thought it would be fitting to name our little girl after her! :-)

16 weeks to go and then our lil' Hannah Grace with be here! WOW! We are so excited and so overwhelmed with thankfulness for all that the Lord has blessed us with!