Monday, December 12, 2011

20 & 21 Months

Sweet Hannah,

Where do I begin?  These past two months have been a roller coaster for all of us!  At the end of October (a couple weeks before your 20 month birthday) we found out that Mommy was pregnant!  It was a complete surprise and we were thrilled!  After trying for 2 years to have you, we never thought it would happen so easily for our second pregnancy.  Just one week after finding out that you were going to be a BIG sister, Mommy started feeling sick.....VERY sick!  For the next two months, Mommy spent her days and nights on the couch or in the hospital, hooked up to an IV and various medications.  It was miserable for everyone....especially you.  It hurt Mommy to know that I was missing out on so much time with you.  But we were very lucky to have MeMaw and PaPaw as well as Grandma and Grandpa coming up to stay with us.  We had someone here to help for a solid two months.  Daddy was the biggest helper of all!  He had to take off a lot of work to help out around the house and take care of you and Mommy.  He had to be exhausted from trying to do it all - work, taking care of you, taking care of me, and taking care of the house.  That's a lot for one person to deal with!  I hated having you see me so sick (especially when you came to visit me in the hospital during both of my stays).  I could tell it was scary for you and that you just wanted things to go back to normal.  So did I!!!  But despite all the turmoil, you did great.  You were spoiled rotten by both sets of grandparents (and Daddy) and you weathered the storm very well.  You continued to grow and change on a daily basis (making Mommy even sadder to be missing out on that!) and you learned so much during those two months.  I wish I had been able to keep track of all that you learned, but Mommy was just too sick.  Please know how much I wish I could have spent every moment with you and how sad it still makes me to have missed out on so many days with you.  I love you more than you will ever know!