Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emma: 6 Months


We had another crazy month, but thankfully no ER trips were involved. :-)  You are half a year old!  How is that even possible.  Seriously?? 

At the beginning of this month, we started back with solids after taking a break due to constipation issues.  You tried many new foods this month: oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, pears, peas, and prunes.  You liked all of the new foods okay, but prunes are definitely your favorite!  However, eating is just not your favorite thing to do.

You had some good and some bad nights this month.  Some nights you went a full 12 hours without any feedings (rare) but we still had to replace your paci multiple times in the night.  But other nights you nursed 1-2 times in the night.  Nothing consistent still.  Your inconsistency is surely related to your many illnesses this month.  You were sick at the beginning of the month and the end.  Lots of congestion and a runny nose.  One night you had to sleep in the rock and play in our room because you were too congested for the paci...a requirement for sleep. Just yesterday we had to take you to the walk-in clinic because you were hysterical at bedtime.  You have your first ear infection and are now taking amoxicillin for the next 10 days.  :-(  Naps have also been hit or miss as a result.  You still eat every 3-3.5 hours during the day, with 5-6 feedings per day.  You continue to be a very fast (efficient) nurser with 5 minutes on one side being a typical feeding.

You can now sit up all by yourself and are starting to rock on all fours...yikes!  When did that happen?  I literally sat you down on the floor one day and realized you could sit on your own.  Oops, guess I should have tried that sooner. ;-)  You can also hold the bottle all by yourself now.  No signs of teeth yet, which for some reason makes me happy.  No teeth means you are still a little baby. :-)

We celebrated your half birthday today with a cake (for the adults), but are truly just in shock that you are already 6 months old.  Slow down, okay squishy?

6 Month Stats
- Diapers: Size 3
- Clothes: 6 & 9 Months
- Shoes: Size 1 or 2
- Weight: 17 lbs. 8 oz.
- Height: 26"

You are so precious Emmie!  If we could freeze time, we would, so we could soak up more time with you being so little.  Yes, we would like more sleep, but you are worth it!  Someday you will sleep through the night and so will we.  Until then.....

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