Friday, September 24, 2010


For those that know me, you know that we struggled with infertility for 2 years before becoming pregnant with our little peanut.  Those two years were some of the hardest we have ever gone through and the pain of infertility is not easily forgotten.  I know many couples that have struggled in the same way and some have a much harder road then we ever did.  My heart aches for those that are still trying.  I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to now have our little peanut, but I remember very well the pain of wanting and waiting!  Just because we are no longer dealing with infertility, doesn't mean that I can't relate to or understand the pain of those still struggling.  I find myself complaining about my present circumstances (life with a baby is tough too) but then I see something like the following video and am quickly reminded of how hard the infertility battle is! 

For anyone that has dealt with or is dealing with infertility...get the tissues ready for this one....

God has a perfect plan!  He really does!  And I know how hard it is to see that in the midst of the struggle.  But I am living proof that God's plan truly is the best!  He hears your prayers and sees your tears.  He will provide!

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