Friday, August 17, 2012

Potty Training Nightmare

Call me crazy, but we have embarked on the potty training wagon over here.  YIKES!  Hannah will be 2.5 in less than one month and it is time!  She communicates in full sentences and can have a complete conversation with you (has been doing this for several months) and shows all the signs of being ready.  She tells me every single time when she pees or poops in her diaper and wants me to change her constantly.  Could she be more ready?  If only it were that easy!  For some reason, Hannah has a deep fear of going on the potty.  It is not a fear of the actual potty (she will sit there for a LONG time with no results), it is an actual fear of producing something on the potty.  She is also resistant to trying to go on the potty or even sitting when told.  That I understand - what two year old willingly does something when told (terrible two's, remember?!).  But the fear of producing I don't really get.  Today was our first day wearing "big girl panties" (again...we tried this two weeks ago) and she managed to hold her pee from 9am until 1:30pm and then again from 2:30pm until 6:30pm.  She didn't have one accident, but also didn't have any successes either.  Her diaper at nap time was absolutely drenched (and so was her entire bed) and then when we went out to dinner tonight she peed in her pull up (with panties underneath), after holding it for 4 hours.  So frustrating!  I did nothing but praise her today and stayed 100% positive (not easy when you can see her doing the pee pee dance all over the house and knowing that she is obviously uncomfortable!) so I'm not sure where this fear is coming from, but it's annoying.  I have been going back in forth in my mind of weather I should just put her back in diapers or press on with the "big girl panties" not letting her know there is another option. 

I realize that we have had a lot of big transitions around here lately and this may not be the ideal time to potty train, but what am I supposed to do when she is asking to wear "big girl panties" and constantly wanting me to change her diaper every time she pees?  She is cognitively well aware of her bowels and should be able to easily take care of business on the potty! 

Can you tell I am frustrated (never a good time to write a blog post)?  I would love to hear all your suggestions or words of encouragement!  My plan for this weekend is to press on with the "big girl panties" and load her up with tons of liquids.  Pray for us!  I do not do well with messes and I can just envision the puddles of pee we will have all over our house tomorrow!  UGH!

I will be thrilled when this is something I look back on and wonder why I was so stressed about it!  But for now, I will live in this reality and suffer through it.  ;-)


  1. hey lady! Just reading this now. How is the potty training going? Shoot me an email in FB if you want to talk.

  2. I gave up....for now. She's just not ready, I guess?!