Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life with two!

Life has been so hectic that I haven't kept up with the blog except to write monthly summaries for the girls (very surprised I have been able to keep up with that even!). But I have a 30 minute window right now while both girls are in bed - not necessarily napping, but that's for another post! :-)

Emma is 4 months old now and Hannah is 2.5. It has been a crazy, but wonderful 4 months! Other than the first week or two of crazy postpartum hormones and Hannah's rocky transition to being a big sister, things have truly been wonderful. Yes, we are tired and no Emma is not sleeping through the night, but truly I am loving having two little girls! This is such a precious stage of life and I know just how fleeting it all is, so I am doing everything I can to enjoy each moment! (Of course don't ask me how I am liking it at 3am!).

Hannah truly is the best big sister, always wanting to play with Emma and giving her hugs and kisses galore. She loves to tell her to "make good choices during nap time" and "don't cry, okay?" If Emma is crying (VERY rare) Hannah is sure to try to help make her feel better by saying, "What's wrong Emma? It's okay!" She loves to make silly faces at her to try to get her to smile, which doesn't take much these days. It makes my heart smile when I see them interacting and look forward to watching their relationship grow!

Emma is such a joy! Is she the perfect textbook baby, no, but then again who has one of those?? But she really is so laid back and happy. She very rarely cries and if she does there is always a reason (hungry, tired, or in pain). She is on a fairly predictable schedule which makes discerning her cries that much easier too. She started out life very serious (it took us a long time to get her to smile!) but she has since made up for it by smiling all the time! She is so incredibly squishy and I just can't help but squeeze her (gently of course) every time I hold her...don't you want to squeeze her right now too!? While she does wake 1-2 times ever single night to eat I truly am okay with it and know that it will eventually end. It's funny how much more laid back I am this time around. I'm not sure if its because Emma is more laid back or because I know she is my last or what, but I can honestly say I am enjoying motherhood so much more these days!

I do think that my hyperemesis experience has helped in making the transition to two a little easier. After 10 months of feeling so sick, anything is easier than that! I used to be up all night feeling nauseous, so being up all night with a hungry baby is so much better! So despite how awful HG was, I am thankful that it has given me a greater appreciation of the little things!

Overall the transition has been a smooth one which I am so thankful for! My biggest fears going into having two babies were that I wouldn't love the second as much as or the same as the first....absolutely NOT the case! It can't even be explained, you just have to trust me...this will not be an issue! Another fear I had was that I was going to take away from the special bond I have with my oldest. This is also not true! While I do not have as much time to spend one on one with Hannah there are so many special memories we are forming as a family of four now instead. I still get my alone time with Hannah when Emma is napping (baby's sleep a lot in the first few months!) but when they are both awake things are a bit more hectic. But that's what life is about...the crazy times turn into the best memories!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with two beautiful girls (inside and out)! I am blessed to be their mother and I pray that You would remind me of that in the crazy times and in the times of quiet (as rare as they are)!

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  1. so glad you're all doing so well!!!! it is hard to explain but you just instantly love baby #2 as much as #1! It's not even something you have to try to do ya know? :)