Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 Months

Little Peanut,

You are 14 months old today and I'm more in love with you today than ever! You have become a little person these last few months, with your own distinct personality, which I love! You look more and more like a little girl instead of a baby these days, which makes me a tad bit sad, but also thrilled to see you growing into such a beautiful girl!

You are developing quite the personality. Lately you have been very giggly and silly. You love to play hide-and-seek, rough-house with Daddy, dance, do the motions for several songs we sing at music class (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Two Little Eyes, Round and Round the Garden, Tick-Tock), and give lots of kisses!

This month we hit a major milestone - I stopped nursing you. This was a hard decision, but one I knew needed to happen before I leave you with daddy for 3 nights in June. We started by dropping the bedtime one and daddy was in charge of putting you to bed for about a week. Then the next weekend we dropped the morning one and again daddy was the one to get up with you and feed you breakfast. What would we do without him!? I am still dealing with the pain of weaning (physically and a little emotionally) but you seem to have moved on just fine, which is great! We have decided not to give you cows milk, which has been a bit of a controversial decision, but you are getting calcium in other ways (cheese and yogurt) and we are sure to feed you vitamin rich foods like salmon, eggs, spinach, beans, broccoli, peas, and almond butter.

Here are your 14 month stats:
- You still wear size 4 diapers during the day and now wear size 5 overnight diapers at night.
- You wear mostly 12-18 month clothing, but you are really in between sizes right now. 12 month stuff is a little small and 18 months is a bit big.
- You are back to eating like a champ after having a bit of a picky stage a few weeks ago. You eat most foods now, as long as we save the carbs for last. Once you see pasta or bread, you will eat nothing else!
- You LOVE the Praise Baby DVD we bought you for our car trip to FL. And let me just say that I love it too! While we rarely, if ever, let you watch tv, I don't mind letting you watch Praise Baby from time to time.
- You have added one word to your speaking vocabulary - You now say "buh buh" for Bubbles (our dog). And you can also sign "help" now. But despite your lack of true words, you talk all the time. This just started recently, where you will have a full conversation with yourself or a stuffed animal. Precious!
- You LOVE baby dolls! You pretend to feed them your toy food (especially the bananas), give them sips of water from your sippy cup, put them down for a "nap" before you take your own, and give them lots of hugs and kisses.
- You understand so much! You understand what "no" means and most of the time you obey. When I say it's time for "night night" you start waving goodbye to Bubbles and head toward the stairs (to your room). When I say its time to change your diaper, you head for the playroom (where we keep your diapers). When I ask you if your hungry, you walk right to the kitchen (you are ALWAYS hungry!). When I saw it's time to put your shoes on, you get so excited and try to get them on your feet. It's scary how much you understand!
- You have 5 teeth now...3 on top and 2 on bottom.
- Your napping schedule has been a bit off lately, making me think you might be getting close to dropping to one nap per day. We'll see....

Hannah, you are so precious to us! We so enjoy watching you grow into the sweet little girl you are becoming. God blessed us immensely when He gave us you!

We love you!

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