Thursday, October 27, 2011

Someone is going to be a BIG Sister!

That's right, I am expecting #2!! We were pleasantly surprised to find out that I am pregnant a few weeks ago. As of now, the due date is June 22, 2012. After trying for 2 years to conceive Hannah and having to use fertility drugs, we never thought we would be surprised by a pregnancy. We just assumed it would be a long road again and had planned on waiting a little while longer to start the fertility treatments once again. But after realizing my period as a few days late, I decided to take a test. I almost didn't take it because I was just so convinced that it would be negative. But the second I took it, it was clearly positive! Oh my! I knew that this time around I really wanted to get Brian's reaction on video, so I had to wait to tell him. I climbed back in bed, heart pounding and faked going back to sleep. Then Brian asked me if I had taken a pregnancy test (found out later that he had heard me messing around with the box), I lied and said "no". He got up to get ready for work and when he went downstairs to eat breakfast, I came down a few minutes later with the video camera on and the pregnancy test in my hand. I handed it to him and said, "what do you think about this?". He was shocked, but excited! We waited a few hours (since it was so early in the morning) to tell anyone else.

We are so thankful for the Lord's timing with this pregnancy and His perfect plan!

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