Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pregnancy: 17 Weeks....IT'S A GIRL!

This is my second pregnancy update since finding out we are expecting #2....not what I had planned, but I am just thankful that I am feeling well enough to write this post!

For those that don't already know, we are expecting another GIRL!  We had an early ultrasound last week that gave us the great news.  We were definitely surprised, as we truly thought this was a boy (since the pregnancy has been so different from Hannah's), but we are thrilled.  Hannah can't wait to have her little sister here with her! 

Also, for those that might be wondering, this will be our last pregnancy.  After spending two months flat on my back and in and out of the hospital with severe hyperemesis, I cannot put my body through that again.  I lost 16% of my body weight (23 pounds!) in less than two months and was connected to an IV pole for the majority of that time.  There were days when I truly didn't know if I would make it.  But by the grace of God, I did!  As soon as I hit the second trimester, there was a marked improvement and I have been disconnected from the IV ever since.  I am still constantly nauseous and throw up a few times per week, but that is nothing compared to where I was!  Now time for the weekly update....

What's going on with the baby right now?
-She is over 6 in long from head to toe and weighs over 6 oz (according to our last ultrasound)
-She has started to develop her baby fat....can't wait to snuggle with that cuddly baby!
-Her skeleton is transforming from soft cartilage into solid bone

What's going on with me?
-Nausea is ever present.  I am now taking Reglan orally (instead of the pump being attached to me 24/7)
-I have gained back 11 pounds of the 23 I lost since the beginning of the pregnancy...progress!  Only 12 more pounds until I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Maybe I won't gain 50 pounds during this pregnancy like I did with Hannah!
-I had my monthly obgyn appointment today and everything was great.  The heartbeat was strong and they drew some blood for the AFP test, which will test for possible chromosomal problems with the baby such as down syndrome.
-I have started to feel the baby moving, which is so fun!  It's still too light for anyone to feel from the outside, which makes it feel like a little secret between me and my little baby girl!  Love! :-)
-I am exhausted all the time....VERY exhausted!  This should have ended with the first trimester, which makes me a little concerned since at my last check my thyroid level was extremely low (indicated hyperthyroidism).  They will retest my levels at my next appointment (at 20 weeks) and we will go from there.  Unfortunately there isn't much they can do for it during pregnancy.
-Next appointment: February 7 for another ultrasound!

And now for a little pregnancy survey fun....
~when is your due date: June 22, 2012
~what are your fears: That I won't love this baby as much as Hannah....silly, I know, because deep down I KNOW I will!
~what are you most happy about: Having another baby...completing our family!
~do you want a boy or girl: Originally I wanted a boy, but know that we know it's a girl, I am thrilled!
~does the father want a boy or girl: He didn't care at all!
~have you felt the baby move: Yes!  Best feeling in the world!
~do you have names picked out: Yes!  We will announce soon!
~are you scared about labor: A little, but this time I will be getting an epidural which makes me less scared in some ways and more scared in others.
~who will be in the delivery room: Brian, midwife and nurse(s)....possibly my mom and mother-in-law....we'll see
~are you having the birth videotaped: I definitely didn't want to with Hannah, but this time I think I do.  Not of the actual birth, but a side view would be nice.  I wish we had more videos of Hannah's birth and since this will be my last birth, I would love to document it better.

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