Friday, January 20, 2012

Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

18 weeks....almost halfway there!  Here's what's happening this week...

What's going on with the baby right now?-She is the size of a baked potato...5.5" from crown to rump.  She weighs about 7oz.
-Her ears have developed enough to allow her to hear sounds!  I always loves this point in the pregnancy!  Now she can learn our voices!
-She is moving all the time, but they are still light movements.  Every once in a while I can feel her little foot pushing but it doesn't last long.  Brian has yet to feel any kicks from the outside.  Looking forward to that!

What's going on with me?
-I am still dealing with all day nausea, but I do think I have seen some improvement in the last week.  It seems to come and go more often now instead of being constant.  Loving that!
-I now only have 10 pounds to gain back before I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  So that means I gained 2 pounds in the last week.  Not bad!  Still wearing my normal clothes and even some I borrowed from a friend that are size smaller than I normally wear.  Some day the maternity clothes will make an appearance.
-The results from the AFP test came back completely normal, so that was great news.  We are so thankful that the Lord has protected our baby despite all the trouble the beginning of this pregnancy had!
-Next appointment: February 7 for another ultrasound!
This past weekend we ended up buying the crib for the baby's room.  We hadn't planned on buying it yet, but while we were looking at the one we wanted we noticed that the price was mis-marked.  When we asked about it, the sales associate told us that it was a mistake but they would honor it for us before removing the sign.  YEAH!  So we ended up ordering it right then and saving over $80!  Can't beat that.  It is the same exact crib we have for Hannah (Bonavita Hudson Collection), except in white this time (Hannah's is dark brown).  We love Hannah's furniture and did a ton of research before picking it so we knew we would want the same thing for baby #2.  Thankfully it will take 8-10 weeks before it's ready for pick up because her room is no where near ready for furniture!  We have so much junk in there right now.  We have used it as an office/storage room for the past 3 years and now have to figure out where all the stuff in there is going to go.  I am trying to sell a lot of the bigger pieces of furniture on craigslist, but so far, no luck.   :-(   This is another time that I REALLY wish we had a basement to store all the extra stuff in.  The main thing that is taking up space in that room are 8 gigantic tubs of Hannah's outgrown clothes.  Yes, 8!!  And that's only newborn to 18 months!!!  Oh my!  Good thing we are having another girl that will get to use all those clothes!

Hopefully I will have a belly picture to post soon.  With my last pregnancy I was so good about taking a weekly belly shot, but this time around I have yet to take one.  Yikes!  I blame it on the intense sickness in the beginning, but now that I am feeling better I blame it on not being in the habit like I was last time.  And for some reason, every time I remember to do it I am already in my pajamas and look awful.  Who wants to remember that?!  Maybe I will take one tonight, before I get into my 'comfy' clothes. ;-)

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