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Emma: 3 Months Old


You are officially an infant and no longer a newborn!  I'm just going to say it one time...SLOW DOWN!  It is baffling to mommy how fast time is flying by.  I thought time went fast when your big sister was a baby, but it is SO much faster now.  You have grown so much this past month and are even more squishy now!  I love it!  3 months really is the perfect age.  You aren't moving very much (just the occasional roll and wiggling) so you stay where I put you and you are full of smiles and giggles.  The smiles are a welcome addition after 3 months of being very serious! :-)

Here's what you were up to each week during your third month of life:

Week 10 (August 24-30)


  • Diaper size: 1 or 2, Clothes size: 3 months, Shoe size: 1
  • This week you discovered your hands!  They became a favorite play thing. :-)
  • At the beginning of the week you had wonderful naps!  You were going down very easily for every nap and sleeping the full 2 hours!
  • Nights were better too, with several nights of 6 hour stretches and only one feeding in the middle of the night every night this week!  We are turning a corner!
  • You wore footed pjs for the first time this week.  It's been so hot since you were born that I have only been putting you in short sleeve onesies.  You look so cute in those footed pjs!
  • The paci started to be an issue this week.  You are now very reliant on it to fall asleep (our fault because we really don't like to hear you cry at all!) so every time it falls out we are running in there to pop it back in.
  • At the end of this week, MeMaw and PaPaw came to visit while Daddy was in NYC for work.
  • Bedtime was still a battle this week as you were most fussy after the 7:15pm feeding.  We did a dreamfeed around 10pm, if you weren't already awake, but most nights you were still awake, fussing.
Week 11 (August 31-September 6)

  • Diaper size: 2, Clothes size: 3 months
  • You had a spinal canal ultrasound this week (on September 2) at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.  Everything is fine, you just have a curved butt crack. ;-) 
  • We took you to church for your third visit and you were still so noisy.  I ended up having to take you into the hallway during the service where you slept in my arms.  (I secretly LOVE that!)
  • You had your first cold this week - a stuffy nose and lots of sneezes.  Thankfully you handled it like a champ!
  • You went to the playground for the first time this week (Chamblee Methodist Playground).  You slept in my arms for most of the time we were there.  It was HOT!
  • We had a few rough days this week, with short naps and fussy evenings, but overall it was a good week!  We saw some improvement at bedtime.  You still didn't fall right to sleep after your 7:15pm feeding, but if we went in several times to reinsert the paci you did eventually fall asleep.  This meant that I was able to restart the dreamfeed around 10pm.  This became my favorite time of day with you!  You would stay asleep the whole time (6-10 minutes total) and were so sweet and cuddly.
  • One night this week you slept from 10:30pm until 5am with only one paci insert around 3am).  This was huge improvement!  Another night you slept 5.5 hours straight overnight!
Week 12 (September 7-13)


  • Diaper size: 2, Clothes size: 3 months, Shoe size: 1
  • Naps are still hit or miss. Some days are great and some days are awful.  I guess this is just life with a baby!
  • We moved the straps up on your car are getting so big!
  • One night this week, we were forced to let you cry it out at bedtime (which broke my heart!) because nothing else was working.  We tried giving you the paci (over and over and over again), rocking you, burping you, changing your diaper, feeding you more, and nothing worked.  You cried (screamed really) for 15-20 minutes until you were finally asleep.  I hated every single second of it, but there truly was nothing else that was working.  :-(
  • You had several amazing nights this week where you slept 7-7.5 hours straight!  I didn't do the dreamfeed one night (in the beginning of the week) and you slept for 7.5 hours (the longest you had ever done).  This made me realize that the dreamfeed was actually making your sleep worse.  So we dropped it!
  • While I was watching you on the video monitor during nap time this week, I noticed how strong your neck is.  You can hold your head and chest up for several minutes and are so very close to being able to roll over from your belly to your back (yes, you sleep on your tummy).  You spent 25 minutes practicing these skills in the middle of your nap on September 11.
  • Hannah's preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays is really messing you up.  Pick up and drop off both fall during nap time and you no longer sleep well in the car seat.  It will be better when you can have a longer wake time, but for now we are just adjusting your schedule as best we can.
  • You may have had a growth spurt this week (near the end of the week).  You were very hungry and even ate from both sides for some feedings (this never happens).
  • You are officially dependent on the pacifier to fall asleep now.  Reinserting it is a bit annoying.  I look forward to the day you can pop it back in yourself!
Week 13 (September 14-20)
  • Diaper size: 2, Clothes size: 3 months & 6 months (footed pjs)
  • You rolled over this week (tummy to back)!  It happened in your crib after I put you down after a middle of the night feeding. 
  • We brought out the exersaucer this week and let you try it out for the first time.  You are still too small for it, but seemed to like it.
  • Bedtime was a battle again this week, with us having to replace the paci 30+ times before you fell asleep.  Very frustrating!
  • Another week of some good and some bad nap days.  I realized this week that I have another bad sleeper.  You just aren't a sleepy baby anymore. :-(
  • Night time had HUGE improvements with two nights of 10 hours of sleep! (8pm-6am)  You slept solidly for 10 hours one night and the other I only had to give you the paci once around 1:30am.
  • The swing is no longer my go-to when I can't get you to fall asleep.  It doesn't work anymore to put you to sleep.  We still use it from time to time for entertainment, but I think I will be ready to sell it soon.
  • You started to swipe at dangling toys in the middle of this week.
  • Uncle Brent and Aunt Lauren came to meet you at the end of this week.  They stayed for 3 days and it was a blast!
Week 14 (September 21-27)
  • You turned 3 months old at the beginning of this week!
  • Diaper size: 2, Clothes size: 3 & 6 months
  • Bedtime was easier at the beginning of this week....a welcomed change!  But by midweek it was a mess again.  One night you were up and down several times, screaming hard.  I rocked you to sleep (you never let me actually sit down, but insist that I walk around and bounce you) multiple times but each time I put you in the crib you woke right back up, crying.  Thankfully things were very good again by the end of the week.
  • Overnight you did pretty well this week with just one night of lots of wakings.  But every other night you wake around 1-2am when I give you the paci and you fall back to sleep.  Then you wake again about an hour later and I feed you.  You usually wake again around 6am and I give you paci one more time until you wake for the day at 7am.
  • You had lots of drool this week!  Teething??
Our schedule this month remained fairly consistent.  Our morning wake time was between 7-7:30am, with a one hour wake time (including feeding) before going down for a 2 hour nap after the first 3 feedings of the day.  After the 4th feeding (around 4pm) you would take a cat nap for about 1 hour and then we would reverse the eat, play, sleep routine to play, eat, sleep before you last feeding of the day.  You remained on a 3 hour schedule the entire month, with 60 minutes being your optimal wake time for most naps.

3 Month Stats:
- Diapers: Size 2
- Clothes: 3 months and some 6 months
- Shoes: Size 1, but you didn't wear them often this month
- Weight: 15 lbs.
- Height: 24"

You truly are such a joy, Emma!  You remain very easy going and sweet.  You love to be around people and rarely cry.  We love you little squishy!

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