Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pregnancy: 30 weeks!

Only 10 weeks left!!  YEAH!  Here's an update on what's going on with Hannah and me:

- The fine hair coating, called lanugo is starting to disappear
- Survival rate = 95%. Of those, 25% have serious complications.
- About 15.7 inches in length, weighing about 3 lb
- 1.5 pints of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but as she continues to grow, that will decrease
- Her eyesight is continuing to get better, but she’ll be born with only 20/400 vision – meaning she can only see objects a few inches from her face

- I've been really clumsy lately - don't let me hold anything valuable!
- A little more emotional on occassion, like crying while watching a random tv show ;-)
- My belly is the size of a watermelon
- I'm still dealing with fatigue and heartburn...yuck!
- Still feeling strong kicks from Hannah!  They can be especially painful when she kicks my ribs.
- Starting to go to the doctor every two weeks now! 
We have a very full house and are LOVING it!!  My mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, their two little boys, brother, sister-in-law, and their dog are all here!!  Lots of air mattresses and LOTS of fun! :)

I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and will have a Happy New Year!!

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