Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hannah's First Easter

Today was Hannah's first Easter.  Brian's parents and sister are here to celebrate with us! :-)  We celebrated by going to church, eating a delicious ham dinner, and just relaxing the rest of the day.  This was Hannah's second time at church, but her first Sunday morning service.  She slept the whole time, but she is such a noisy sleeper that I ended up having to take her out so she didn't disturb the service.  At one point she made the loudest sound and the people around us couldn't help but giggle.  Too funny!  Luckily the overflow room was relatively empty, so I was able to watch the service while Hannah noisily slept away! ;-)  After church we came home and prepared our Easter meal.  (Well, technically Brian's mom did all the cooking!)  We had a wonderful ham dinner and Hannah slept the whole time so we were all able to enjoy the meal!  After our dinner we all just relaxed!  Such a wonderful way to celebrate this special holiday!

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  1. I know how you felt in church but I am sure all those people wanted you to stay in there so they could enjoy her too! She is so precious and I LOVE that dimple!