Monday, March 29, 2010

Our little peanut is growing up :-(

Dinner out with the Sanders' and Christerson's - Truss and Hannah's first "date"

"Uncle" Jake and "Uncle" James with the kids

Daddy and Hannah time

Hannah's first real bath - She LOVED it!

Hannah is almost 3 weeks old and for some reason I feel like time is flying by.  I realize that 3 weeks is still VERY young, but I am just feeling so sad about her getting bigger! :-( 

The last few days have been full of firsts for Hannah.  On Friday night (March 26) she went out to dinner for the first time.  We went with our friends, James & Lindsay and Jake & Tally (and their 5 month old, Truss...Hannah's future husband...haha) to a Mexican restaurant.  It felt so good to get out of the house and feel more "normal".  It was great to see that our lives wouldn't be completely different now that we have Hannah and that we would still be able to do fun things!  We were even able to spend a few hours at Jake and Tally's house after dinner.  Oh to be an adult again! haha  On Saturday night (March 27) Hannah went to church for the first time.  She was SO well behaved.  We were sure to sit in the very back row so that we could make a speedy exit, if we needed to.  But thankfully, Hannah didn't make a peep.  It was so special to have her in church with us.  I spent much of the service reflecting back on the months of pleading with the Lord for a child.  The praise and worship songs had new meaning and holding my little peanut in my arms was a surreal experience.  I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and emotion.  Hannah is an answer to many years of prayers and pleadings with the Lord.  He heard our cries!

Last night Hannah decided to give us another full night of sleep. :-)  I fed her at 9pm and tried to put her down, but she was SO fussy!  After listening to her cry on and off for an hour (excrutiating!!) we decided to give her some formula to see if she was still hungry.  Low and behold, she sucked it down and took 1.5 oz.  Then we put her down again and she fell fast asleep for 7 hours!!  YEAH! :-)  What a difference a full night of sleep makes.  And now she is taking a good nap.  So far she has been down for 2 hours...hopefully she will sleep at least 1 more. :-)

Brian's family (mom, dad, and sister) are coming to visit for Easter and we can't wait!  His parents will be here from Friday thru Wednesday and Julie will be here just for the weekend.  We can't wait to celebrate Hannah's first Easter!

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