Sunday, March 21, 2010

Milestone: Umbilical Cord Fell Off!

Nasty!!  haha  Hannah is 10 days old now and her umbilical cord stump fell off this morning.  We noticed yesterday that it was just hanging my a thread, but we didn't mess with it, hoping it would come off on its own.  Thankfully Grandma Vaccaro was changing her diaper when it came off because mommy would not have enjoyed that!  I'm a bit squeamish about those kinds of things!  Yuck!  The belly button still looks pretty strange and crusty, but the majority of it is gone.  We are looking forward to being able to give Hannah a full bath and not just a sponge bath (she's not a huge fan of the sponge bath). 

Our house is now empty.  All our company is gone and we are on our own....SCARY!  It has been SO nice to have our family here for the past 2 weeks and it was SO hard to say goodbye. :-(  It is going to be scary for us to be on our own tonight.  Having grandma's around to help with the middle of the night crying times has been wonderful!  We have even been able to get a decent amount of sleep as a result.  Brian is thankfully staying home from work tomorrow to help me transition into being home alone all day with Hannah...also scary!  But then on Tuesday, it will just be me and Hannah during the day.  I am definitely nervous about that, but hopeful that everything will be great! 

Now it's time to go wake up a peacefully sleeping baby to get her awake enough for a good 10pm feeding and then a long night of sleep..hopefully!!  If you can, please pray for us over the next few days!  We are trusting the Lord to guide us day by day in the raising of our precious lil' peanut.  And leaning on Him for the peace and comfort that we so desperately need.

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