Monday, March 1, 2010

39 Weeks 1 Day

Still pregnant! ;-)  I was really hoping that Hannah would make her debut yesterday (Feb. 28th) so she could share her birthday with my cousin, Stephanie.  Stephanie was the one who introduced me and Brian (8 years ago) and we are using her middle name (Grace) for Hannah.  So, it would have been fitting for Hannah to be born on her birthday...but nope!  I guess Hannah didn't want to share her birthday.  Today is her cousin Kyle's 4th birthday, so I am doubtful that she will make an appearance today.  Maybe tomorrow! :-)  But one thing is certain, if she arrives late, that will not work for our family!  Brian and I are always early to of our pet peeves is lateness.  So, Hannah will not fit in our family if she comes late.  ;-)  Come on little peanut....we are SO ready to meet you!!

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