Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby To-Do List (Update)

I am a list maker! I love lists and I love crossing things off once I've accomplished them! :-) So, I have made a massive to-do list for the arrival of our lil' peanut. The items in BOLD are must do's and the others are things I would like to do before she arrives.

*Purchase and install the car seat 

*Get the car seat inspected, to be sure we did it right! :)

*Get new carpet installed in the nursery (January 8th)

*Paint the walls in the nursery (including touching up the trim) 

*Change all the light switch covers and window hardware in the nursery

*Change the doorknobs on the closet doors in the nursery

*Pick up the nursery furniture and set it up

*Hang the curtains in the nursery

*Decorate the nursery - artwork, etc. 

*Get maternity pics taken! (Feb. 6th)

*Order the chandelier for the nursery and schedule the electrician to come put it in

*Wash Hannah's clothes and bedding and towels 

*Organize all Hannah's clothes into sizes and make a baby clothing inventory 

*Organize all of Hannah's clothes and "stuff" into dresser drawers (once it's delivered) and baskets

*Air out the crib mattress for 28 days before Hannah's arrival (gets rid of chemicals) 

*Pack hospital bag

*Set up the pack and play, bouncer, swing, activity mat

*Keep up with thank you cards

*Write a will

*Buy and paint (or cover in scrapbook paper) some wooden letters that spell baby’s name for her nursery

*Make a cd or itunes playlist for baby (lullabies and favorite songs) 

*Buy a baby book and remember to bring it to the hospital 

*Research vaccines

*Buy anything else we need for Hannah

*Have a date night with Brian

*Make and freeze meals for after Hannah arrives (Decided to let the Grandma's do this when they are here)

What am I forgetting?? I would love to hear your ideas! So much to do and so little time!


  1. Sleep as much as possible :) Looks busy but fun!! -Amy

  2. I agree with Amy! :) We read The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears - the best book!! Very informative and gives an alternate schedule for administering vaccines if you feel that giving a 2 month old 6 vaccines at onces is too much (we did!) Good luck with getting everything ready. You are smart to get started early! Ellie came 3 weeks early and after teaching all day I had no energy to do anything. So when I went in to labor, I didn't even have a hospital bag packed! My mom came over and washed the clothes while I was in the hospital! Don't be like me!!

  3. need to pack your hospital bag missy!! get on that! haha love you!

  4. I know! It is mostly packed...just have to add some last minute things, which I can't do until the last minute. ;)