Monday, August 23, 2010

My Poor, Stopped Up Peanut

Get ready from a TMI post about baby bowel movements....

Sweet Hannah is severely constipated!  She hasn't had a "normal" bowel movement in almost a week.  Yesterday it got really bad!  Each time she would try to poo, she screamed in pain!  It was heart-breaking to see me little peanut in so much pain.  I cried each time she did.  I did things I never thought I would do....stuck a suppository in her booty, scraped poo out with my fingers in hopes of assisting her, used a thermometer with petroleum jelly on the tip to try to stimulate the poo reflex....UGH!  It was a very emotional day for Hannah and for me. 

I am not exactly sure what caused the constipation, but I have a feeling it was the bananas I introduced into her diet a few days ago.  In an effort to get her back on track in the poo department, we have stopped all solids for the time being and are back to nursing only.  I suspect that she is hungry, as she has cried for each nap today (which isn't normal lately), but I have seen some improvement overall.  She has had 3 bowel movements today, with the latest one being almost back to normal and only slightly uncomfortable for Hannah.  YEAH!!  Hopefully she will be back to normal real soon and then we can go back to re-introducing solids....very slowly!  I am going to essentially start from scratch with the solids and stick to one food for several days before introducing another.  That way I can very closely monitor how her digestive system handles each food.  I think we will start with avocado (again).  She seemed to like that when she ate it a few weeks ago and I have read that it is easily digestible....exactly what we need right now!

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