Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rite Aid Diaper Deal

I thought I would share with you a great deal on diapers going on at Rite Aid this week.  If you aren't familiar with Rite Aid, let me tell you a little bit about their two rewards programs.  They have a new program called +Up Rewards.  This is a card you get at the store and you scan it each time you shop there (just like CVS or Kroger).  The card gives you "money" for your next shopping trip, on certain items. These are coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt that you can use on your next purchase (just like CVS Extra Care Bucks).  Rite Aid also has another reward program called Single Check Rebates.  This is something you do online.  After each shopping trip, you go to their website (https://riteaid.rebateplus.com)  and enter your receipt information and then at the end of the month you have to go back to the site and request your check for that month. (You can only request your check one time per month, so make sure you have entered all your receipts for that month!)  This online rebate takes a little more "work", but is essentially free money.  I get a check in the mail every month from Rite Aid for at least $5, but sometimes up to $20 (depending on that month's deals).  This is a regular check that you can deposit or cash at your bank.

So, here is the diaper deal going on at Rite Aid this week...

Buy 1 pack of Pampers Diapers at $8.99
- You will get back $2 of +Up Reward "money" for your next shopping trip at Rite Aid
- When you enter your receipt online, you will earn $2 more that you can have sent to you at the end of the month
- If you got the Sunday Paper this past weekend (August 1st), there was also a $1.50 coupon for Pampers in the P&G Coupon flyer that you can use
- Also in the same coupon flyer was a coupon for a free pack of Pampers wipes when you buy a pack of Pampers diapers that you can use
- So, you can get a pack of Pampers diapers and a box of Pampers wipes for $3.49!!  That's a great deal!!!

Even if you don't have the two coupons from the Sunday paper, it's still a good deal!

If you have any questions, let me know!!

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