Friday, April 13, 2012

Pregnancy: 30 Weeks

Check out my post from Week 30 with my first pregnancy (Hannah).

A fairly uneventful week around here.  Brian's parents were here for Easter weekend, which was fun!  And then my parents stopped by for a night during the week on their way to Australia for a month long cruise!  Must be nice! :-) 

We also did our family hospital tour this past Saturday (with Hannah and Brian's parents) which was good.  We didn't learn anything that we didn't already know - seeing as we were just there for two separate weeks in November - but it was still good to have a refresher.  It was also nice for Hannah to go back to the hospital under good conditions instead of the last two times when I was so sick and she visited me then.  Hopefully she will start to associate the hospital with positive experiences.  Thankfully she didn't seem scared at all and was really excited to see new babies!

Here's what's happening this week...

What's going on with the baby right now?
  • She is about 15-17" long and weighs about 3 pounds.  She is close to the length she will be when she is born, so over the next 10 weeks she will be gaining weight more than length.
  • She is the size of a head of cabbage
  • The fine hair coating, called lanugo is beginning to disappear (although Hannah was born 4 days late and still had the fuzz all over her body!)
  • Survival rate = 95%. Of those surviving, 25% will have serious complications
  • 1.5 pints of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but as she continues to grow, that will decrease
  • Her eyesight is continuing to get better, but she’ll be born with only 20/400 vision – meaning she can only see objects a few inches from her face
  • 10 weeks to go!
What's going on with me?
  • This week I gained 1 pound, so overall I am up 12 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • I seemed to have a little more energy this week, which was good!  I am even starting to get a little bit of the nesting bug, but not quite enough to do anything about it yet.  HAHA  We are having new carpet installed tomorrow in three of our upstairs bedrooms, so having to move everything out of those rooms has helped spur my nesting urge a bit.  I am determined to not put anything back in the rooms unless it is something we absolutely cannot live without!  I am so sick of the clutter!
  • Still dealing with hip pain at night.  A good friend suggested sleeping on an air mattress, which I might have to try if things don't start improving.  But last night was good, so we'll see.
  • No round ligament pain this week, so I guess that was just a growth spurt last week.
  • Still doing our morning walks, although this week we started back with having morning activities three days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) so we didn't have as many walks as the previous weeks. 
  • Another week with no anti-nausea meds!  So glad because I can definitely tell a difference in my mood.  The pregnancy "funk" has definitely started to fade and I am feeling so much better overall.  So thankful!
  • This week was a bit frustrating in the clothing department.  I spent nearly an hour trying to find something to wear on Thursday morning...nothing fit!  Gone are the days of wearing pre-pregnancy clothes.  I do still have a couple pairs of pants and shorts that fit okay, but definitely tighter than they were a few weeks ago.  Pre-pregnancy shirts are definitely a no-go!
  • Next appointment: Monday, April 16th
With the new carpet going in tomorrow, we are well on our way to being able to decorate the nursery!  I am so excited to see it all start coming together.  The nursery furniture has been waiting for us at Buy Buy Baby for a while now, so as soon as the carpet is in, we will pick it up and start the assembly process.  YEAH!  I think seeing the room come together with make it so much more real.  Right now I think I am still in denial that this is all happening so soon.

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