Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Playroom

I am so excited about the playroom we are creating for Hannah.  It has been a work in progress for a couple months now, but it is finally starting to come together!  YEAH!  I still don't know how to decorate the room, but I have figured out the layout and the furniture we need.  We already have a couch and a chair in the room (these used to be in our family room) and the pack n' play is in there.  Other than that, we needed a lot of book storage.  Since I used to teach second grade, I have a ton of children's book (we are talking a couple thousand!), so we needed some bookshelves.  I really loved the shelves at Pottery Barn Kids, but the ones I liked were $200 a piece....and we needed at least 2.  So I went on the hunt for good quality shelves at a decent price.  Thanks to some friends on Facebook, I found some at Target that are very nice!  And the price was amazing...just $60 each.  At that price, I could order 3 for less than one of the PBKids I did!  I spent a couple hours on Tuesday putting the shelves together (wow there were a lot of screws!) and am very impressed with how solids they are!

Since I didn't get the PBKids shelves, I decided to get the baskets from there (they were on sale and so cute!)  I spent Wednesday putting those together (very easy) and filling them with toys.  I love the way they look on the shelves. 

The top shelves will hold books and the baskets will have toys in them.  Yeah for storage that is practical and cute!  But now I need help with the rest of the room!  Unfortunately the couch in the playroom is read (doesn't really match my pink and green baskets), but the chair is a very neutral khaki.  You can see the wall color in this picture (also a neutral khaki).  The other thing I want to get for the room (eventually) is a small table and chairs.  I have been looking on a great website ( and have a few in mind, but nothing picked out yet.  I like the look of the espresso table and chairs to match the shelves.  But I desperately need help with the decorating of the walls and the rest of the room.  I am so bad at that!  I barely have any pictures hanging on our walls in the entire house and we have lived here for over 3 years!  I need help!!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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  1. I am terrible at decorating so you got me there but I love the shelves you picked out!