Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hospital Bag (Update)

Like I said, I am a list maker!! I love lists! So I have started on my hospital packing list and wanted to share it with everyone so you can give me ideas. I'm sure there is something I have forgotten or things on my list that I really don't need. So feel free to share your thoughts! :)

During our hospital tour we were told to pack two different bags - one for labor and delivery and then another for recovery. So I have separated my list into those two categories.  After I have something packed in my bag, I will cross it off the list.

Labor Bag
- My Ipod
- Cell phones and chargers
- Camera (digital and Flip), charger, cord for uploading pics, and extra batteries
- Baby book (for getting footprints)
- Tennis ball and massager for Brian to use on my back! :)
- Lotion for Brian to use when massaging!
- Flip flops and a bathing suit for the shower and/or tub (I am hoping to be able to labor some in the tub)
- Cash for vending machines (for Brian)
- My own pillow with a distinguishable pillow case (one I don't care about getting ruined)
- Hard candies (to keep my mouth from being too dry)
- Chapstick
- Robe
- Magazine, notepad and pen
- Picture ID and Insurance Card

Recovery Bag
- Thank you notes (to write for hospital staff and any presents we receive while in the hospital...if we have time)
- Laptop and charger
- Going home outfit for me (something comfy and maternity) and shoes
- Going home outfit for Hannah
- Toothbrush and toothpaste (for me and Brian)
- Shampoo, conditioner, soap (all travel size)
- Makeup
- Hair brush and hair ties
- Razor (I hear there is a shower seat in the hospital bathroom that comes in handy)
- Nursing pjs (although I may just end up staying in the hospital gowns the whole time)
- Clothes for Brian
- Nursing tank tops and bras
- Nursing pads
- Receiving blanket for Hannah
- Boppy pillow for nursing
- Car seat - installed in car!
- Comfy socks
- Maternity underwear
- Snacks
- Empty tote bag (for bringing home all the hospital goodies)

Alright, so fire away. What do I not need that is on my list and what do I need that is not on my list! All suggestions are welcome!!

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  1. It will be here before you know it!!! You have a great list! Some things that I suggest: Lansinoh cream (they can give you some at the hospital, I am sure. Start using that stuff right away!!), pjs - gown - they "check" you often. I also had the heartburn like you. The only thing that helped was previcid. Best wishes to you! Merry Christmas!