Sunday, January 17, 2010

33 weeks

7 more weeks (49 days!)

- The bones in her skull are not fused, allowing overlap and movement for fitting through the birth canal
- She measures about 17 inches long
- She weighs about 5 pounds (WOW!)
- She may descend into my pelvis at any time in the next 6 weeks (preparing for birth)
- If she were born now, her immune system would be immature (she’s currently receiving antibodies from me)
- Survival rate if born now = 98%. Of those, only 12% have serious complications.

- I read that many women are still feeling sexy at this stage...HAHAHA  That just makes me laugh! ;-)
- Swelling? Not yet!
- Apparently I should be practicing perineum massage to help prevent an episiotomy. (We'll have to give that a try!)
- My uterus is 5 inches above my belly button
- Weight: gained about 25 lbs. so far (YIKES!)
- It's time to get serious about our labor plans!  We are working on our birth plan and still hoping to deliver this baby with no medication...we'll see!
- Still having trouble sleeping from heartburn and just generally being uncomfortable

Preparing for Hannah:
- Yesterday was my first baby shower!  It was SO fun!!!  I am SO thankful for all the amazing gifts and outpouring of love from my friends and family!  It really made Hannah's arrival feel real.  Thank you to everyone who helped make my day so special!!!
- I spent the week organizing Hannah's clothes (she has a TON!) and I even typed up a Baby Clothing Inventory (I know, I'm so OCD!)
- We are still waiting for the nursery furniture to arrive.  We are dying to get her room finished!

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