Sunday, January 24, 2010

34 weeks

42 days to go!  Hannah will be full term in just 3 weeks!! :)

week 34
- Her brain is still developing
- She has some surfactant in the lungs (to keep air sacs open)–if she were born now, steroids probably wouldn’t be needed to enhance the lungs
- Creases and dimples are forming in her neck, elbows & knees
- She weighs about 5 lb and is about 17-18″ in length

- The volume of my uterus is 500-1000 times larger than pre-pregnancy (WOW!)
- Fatigue is still a problem!  I am tired most of the time, which is most likely due to the fact that I don't get quality sleep at night.  Still can't get comfortable!
- Stretch-mark free! :-)
- Swelling has begun.  I notice it most a night.  I am sporting cankles and my fingers are swelling to the point that I am scared to wear my wedding rings, for fear of them getting stuck!  I have also noticed that my finger joints are sore!  I notice it most when I wake up, but I do notice it during the day too.  Also, my hands will suddenly go numb and tingly for no apparent reason.  Strange!  I'm thinking this must be pregnancy carpal tunnel.  Oh the joys! ;-)

Preparing for Hannah:
- Our goals for this coming week are to install the car seat (before our trip to FL), start packing the hospital bag, and to write up a brief birth plan.
- Some of the nursery furniture has arrived!!  YEAH!  We have the night stand in the room and the hutch for the dresser is here.  We will hopefully pick up the crib sometime this week, but need to borrow a truck from a friend because it won't fit in our SUV.  Then the dresser will be delivered in a couple weeks. 
- I am still hoping to find some energy to cook and freeze a few meals so we will have some food for after Hannah arrives.  But, both my mom and Brian's mom will be here after Hannah arrives, so hopefully they will be able to stock my freezer! :-)
- I am blessed with amazing friends and family and will get to celebrate Hannah's upcoming birth in Florida this coming weekend.  It will be wonderful to be able to go back home and celebrate with my friends and family there. :-)

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