Sunday, May 23, 2010

Capturing the Memories

Does anyone else get overwhelmed with trying to capture every memory?  Maybe it's a new mom/first-time parent thing?  But I feel like I can't put my camera down or step away from the baby book because I might forget to write something down.  The days go by so fast and Hannah is changing so much every day.  I always want to remember her just as she is now.  Since I can't slow down time, I feel like I need to capture it all!  What an overwhelming task!  Sometimes I feel like I can't even enjoy the here and now because I'm too busy trying to remember it...does that even make sense?

Maybe this all stems from my horrible long-term memory (and short-term for that matter).  For some reason I cannot remember much from my childhood or even my teenage years.  I barely remember even going to High School!  Yikes!  I guess in an attempt to not have the same thing happen to Hannah, I am overcompensating.

When I think about Hannah growing up, it makes me so sad.  I want her to always be my little baby.  As I picture her life flashing by, it breaks my heart!  SLOW DOWN!  I'm sure I am overreacting a bit, but you always hear how fast life goes when you have kids, so I just want to be sure to capture it all!


  1. Oh yes, I can TOTALLY relate. Just thought I'd let you know that you are not crazy :) Oh and I don't think this week will work to get together. I totally forgot about a couple of appts. we have. (It sounds like you are not feeling well anyway). I hope you get well quickly and maybe we can find a time for next week! I really want to see you and get our little ones together soon!!

  2. Dena - Glad to know I'm not crazy! haha I am sick (Boo!) so this week isn't the best for us either. Let's plan on sometime next week. We are out of town until Tuesday, so either Wed, Thus, or Fri. Let me know! :-)