Friday, February 17, 2012

Pregnancy: 22 Weeks

After a rough start to the week (nausea and vomitting), things got a little better and we made it through. 

Here's what's going on this week....

What's going on with the baby right now?

-She is about one pound and 11" head to toe...nearly the size of a ruler!
-She is the size of a spaghetti squash

What's going on with me?
-At this point I should be gaining about 1 pound per week.  At the beginning of the week, I lost a couple pounds, but quickly gained them back. I have three pounds to go before I'm back to my prepregnancy weight, meaning I gained one pound in the past week.
-Have I mentioned how much I hate being pregnant? I know this seems awful to say and may even be upsetting to some. A few years ago I would have given anything to be pregnant! And yes, in the end, it is all very worth it! However, it is miserable for me. I hate most every part of it. So I am literally counting down the days until it's over! I would raise several children if I could, but carrying them in my belly is just not an option. Two and through!! Down the road we will reevaluate to see if the Lord would want us to adopt, but this body is done! Knowing that is one of the things that is getting me through each day.
-Still throwing up and dealing with all day nausea! Threw up on Monday and Tuesday and spent most of the day on the couch on Monday. Very rough day!
-I am definitely feeling very pregnant this week! My belly seems huge to me and I'm finding it harder to do normal things like bending over and sleeping comfortably.
-Still wearing a mix of non-maternity and maternity clothes. So much of my maternity wardrobe is too big, but some of my normal clothes are getting tight. I ended up buying several maternity shirts and bottoms at a local consignment sale this past week. It's nice to have some "new" things to wear, but even nicer that I didn't spend much on them.
-Nausea and heartburn is still a constant problem. Still taking Reglan daily and need to remember to buy some tums next time I'm out and about!
-I was able to see my belly move on the outside for the first time this week.  Always so fun!
-Next appointment: March 5th for the diabetes screening

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