Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eating after Hyperemesis

For those that have been reading my blog for any length of time, you already know about my battle with severe hyperemesis during the first trimester of this pregnancy.  If not, check out this post for more info - 17 Weeks Pregnant

After losing so much weight in such a short amount of time and being severely dehydrated, requiring constant IV drips and several trips to the hospital, I have finally gained back all the weight I lost (23 pounds).  Well, technically I have 2 pounds to go, but you get the point.  After constantly throwing up and not being able to eat anything or even drink water, I have been slowly starting to eat a more normal diet, which is great.  However, food is still very unappetizing to me, even at 22 weeks pregnant.  :-(  I don't know if I will ever regain my normal appetite while pregnant.

Someone asked me the other day what cravings I have had during this pregnancy and it made me think.  There really hasn't been much that I've wanted to eat on a regular basis.  The main foods that are staples for me right now are orange juice (first thing in the morning only), dill pickles (from time to time), and ice cream (at night).  But even those things aren't very appetizing.....it's hard to explain.  Not having a normal appetite can be very draining.  Trying to decide what to eat for each meal is exhausting.  While, yes, things have gotten a lot better, I am by no means back to my normal self, and that is hard.  While I don't want to wish the time away, I wouldn't mind if the remaining 18 weeks went by a little faster!  I'm just ready to feel like myself again (of course there are the post-partum hormones to deal with, but I am not going to let myself worry about that right now!)

So while you enjoy your dinner tonight, think of me, and be thankful for the desire to eat!  Seems silly, but unless you have gone through hyperemesis, you just can't relate.  Oh, and if you are going through it, please let me know!  I would LOVE to offer encouragement and support, as I know just how lonely this time in your life can feel!


  1. I just got out the hospital two days ago. I have so much anxiety when it comes to food. Im so hungry but so scared to be in the same room as food. I have all these medications to take and I know I have to put something on my stomach. And then at the end of the day, the crackers and chicken broth I had just all comes back up. I feel like my heart races all night. I barely get any sleep. Im only 12 weeks!

  2. Oh how I wish there was something I could do for you! I know exactly how you are feeling and being 12 weeks is a very tough stage! I would LOVE to be able to support you during this tough time and offer you any advice and encouragement I can! I'm not sure if you will ever come back here to see this message, but if you do, please leave me your email address so I can contact you! Praying for relief!

  3. Oh girls I know ur despiration wanting to eat anf ur body not allowing it I endure hyperemesis for 9months while pregnant with my second son. It has been 7mo since I gave birth the hyperemesis has gone away but my gastrointestinal track has not healed still I get sick from the damage that has been done to my body. My vitamine and minerals are still depleted my beautiful teeth and curly hair are falling out. I pray for you all everyday and night