Friday, February 24, 2012

Pregnancy: 23 Weeks

It was a great week!! Here's what's going on this week....

What's going on with the baby right now?
-Baby is working hard on lung development this week
-She is a foot long and a little over a pound
-Baby's hearing is well developed now, so all the sounds she is hearing now will be familiar when she is born
-She is the size of a large mango (but last week she was the size of a spaghetti squash, which I think is bigger!?)

What's going on with me?
-I can see Emma moving from the outside all the time now. She is very active! Uh oh!
-My sweet MIL took me shopping for maternity clothes this past weekend and we got some cute things. We have two weddings coming up, so I got a couple outfits for those, as well as a few shirts and a really cute and comfy maxi dress. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear some of my cute maternity stuff! I am still wearing a mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes, but more and more of my normal clothes are getting too tight.
-No real food cravings because food is still not very appetizing to me. I do manage to eat a decent amount every day (because I know if I don't I will feel worse), but I don't always want to eat or crave any specific things. I still can't drink plain water, but in order to get some more fluids in I have been adding stevia to my water to sweeten it and make it more palatable.
-I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight! That means I gained 3 pounds in the past week...yikes!
-Still dealing with all day nausea and heartburn, but this week was better than the last few for sure! Still taking Reglan dailyand started taking Tums as needed. I also managed to take a few Flinstone multivitamins for the first time this week.
-My parents are in town for the next two weeks (as Brian is travelling for work) so there will be a lot of progress on the nursery, which I am very excited about! Gotta love a dad who is SUPER handy!!
-Next appointment: March 5th for the diabetes screening

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