Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinterest Mania!

I have recently become somewhat addicted to Pinterest (yes, I am a little behind) and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds lately.  Most are recipes, as I have planned all my dinners for the last two weeks from Pinterest.  These are all things I have made and loved, so they are "Sabrina Approved"!  :-)  Enjoy!

These were delicious!  I made homemade pesto to go in them.  Hannah loved them too!

This was amazing!!!  So healthy and so tasty!  A big hit!

We all loved these, including Hannah!

AMAZING!!  Definitely not low fat, but probably the best lasagna I've ever had!

Mine didn't look nearly as pretty as the picture, but they sure tasted good!

Hannah really liked these!  They remind me of Kashi Cereal Bars.

I didn't make these, but I sent the picture to a local bakery and they were able to recreate them exactly!

This was easy and beautiful!  I am looking forward to using it year after year!

I've made these several times!  Always a great decoration.

What are your latest Pinterest favorites?  Please share!!

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