Friday, March 16, 2012

Pregnancy: 26 Weeks

I am writing this while starring at the most amazing beach and laying in the hot sun! So wonderful! We have been in Siesta Key, FL for the past week and unfortunately we are leaving tomorrow to head back to reality. We really tried to soak up all the relaxing that we could since this is our last official vacation before Emma arrives. It has been wonderful, but as always, went by way too fast!

Here's what's going on this week....

What's going on with the baby right now?
-She weighs almost 2 pounds and is about 14" long.
-She is the size of an english hothouse cucumber (my favorite!)
-14 weeks to go!  That's less than 100 days!  :-)
-All of baby's senses are developed now.
-She can now open and close her eyes (they were fused together up until this point)

What's going on with me?
-I am definitely peeing more often, but in very small amounts.  It will feel like I have to pee a ton, but then only a trickle will come out.  Then 10 minutes later, I have to go again!  Ugh!
-I have no idea how much weight I gained this week. I'm sure it's a lot because I have been eating a ton while on vacation and definitely not healthy stuff! Oh well!
-I don't think I have mentioned this in previous weeks, but ever since dealing with severe hyperemesis, I have been experiencing what can only be described as a minor depression. I've been in a "funk" for several weeks now and just can't seem to shake it. I know it seems nearly impossible to feel that way while spending a week on the beach with absolutely perfect weather and company, but I have. :(. I am praying that the Lord would give me great peace and pull me out of this "funk" very soon! I hate not feeling like myself!
-This isn't about me, but I figured I would add it in anyway.  Lately Hannah has been asking me to hold her like a baby and sing her lullabies.  This just melts my heart.  I'm a little worried that she is reverting and things will be difficult once Emma arrives, but I don't care.  Right now I am just enjoying every second of it!
-Still working on adding more iron into my diet.
-Next appointment: Monday, April 2nd

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