Friday, May 25, 2012

Pregnancy: 36 Weeks (9 Months!)

Check out my post from Week 36 with my first pregnancy (Hannah).

We started this week with a sick toddler, which is never fun!  She just had a standard cold, but was so snotty and clingy.  Her nose was so raw after the first day...poor baby!  We ended the week in Florida, visiting Brian's family.

Here's what's happening this week...

What's going on with the baby right now?

  • She is about 18.5" long and weighs about 6 pounds
  • Emma is gaining about an ounce per day at this point
  • She is swallowing amniotic fluid, which causes hiccups.  With my first pregnancy, Hannah had hiccups every single day, but Emma definitely doesn't have them as frequently.
  • Survival rate = 99+%.  Of those, only 5% have serious complications.
  • 4 weeks to go!
What's going on with me?
  • TONS of swelling!  My feet, hands and face are swollen.  There were a few days at the end of the week that I couldn't wear my wedding rings.
  • I don't think Emma has dropped yet, as I don't have much pressure down there yet.
  • No consistent contractions yet, just Braxton Hicks from time to time.
  • Still no signs of carpal tunnel, which I am SO thankful for!!
  • Heartburn was even worse this week, waking me up in the middle of the night and even happening during the day.  NOT fun!  This has definitely affected my sleep in a negative way.
  • The nausea wasn't too awful this week, thankfully.  But it is definitely still an ever present companion.
  • I got a haircut...12 inches chopped off.  Drastic, but I LOVE it!  It had been 2 years since my last cut, so it was definitely time!
  • Not sure how much weight I gained this week because I didn't weigh myself.  But in the middle of the week I had gained 1 pound, so I am at least up 23 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Next Appointment: Tuesday, May 29
Goals for this coming week - buy a present for Hannah (from Emma) to give her when she comes to the hospital, install Emma's car seat, pack the hospital bag, continue spring cleaning the house, and cook a few meals for the freezer for after Emma arrives (I did one large batch of ziti this week, so at least we have that in there).  We are still waiting on Emma's crib and dresser to be delivered and we probably still have another 2-3 weeks to wait.  A bit stressful!

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