Friday, June 1, 2012

Pregnancy: 37 Weeks (FULL TERM!)

Check out my post from Week 37 with my first pregnancy (Hannah).

We started this week in Florida, visiting Brian's family and enjoying our last few days as a family of three.  We ended it with some major home renovations - wood flooring on the stairs, landing and in the laundry room.  Talk about chaotic!

Here's what's happening this week...

What's going on with the baby right now?
  • Emma is officially full term which means it is safe for her to come at any time.  While the house is definitely not ready, my body is!
  • She is about 19-20" long and weighs about 6.5 pounds
  • She is definitely not moving as much now.  It has been so infrequent that we have actually been pretty nervous at times this week.  But I honestly just think she is out of room in there.
  • 3 weeks to go!
What's going on with me?
  • I had a doctor's appointment this week and everything was good.  Emma is still head down, blood pressure was good, weight was good, and my iron level was higher than it was earlier in my pregnancy (even though I never took the iron supplements that they told me to take).  It's still a tad low (10.9 and they like it be at least 11) but it's close enough.  They also did the group B strep test, which was negative.  It was negative with my first pregnancy as well, so I am happy about that.  Just means I don't have to have the antibiotics during labor.  She also checked my cervix but nothing is happening yet...still closed.
  • I had a crazy dream this week.  You could see Emma's arm and hand through my stomach and her hand was stretching the skin on my belly so much that she was holding onto my finger.  So creepy!  But for some reason everyone in my dream thought it was so cute. 
  • All my maternity shirts are getting too small so I have been forced to buy a few more.  I hated having to spend money on something I know I will only wear for a few more weeks, but whatever.  I found some good deals at Target and bought 2 tshirts, 2 tank tops and 1 pair of shorts.  Should get me through the next couple weeks. 
  • I am up 28 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Since I didn't weigh myself last week it's hard to say how much I gained this week, but over the last two weeks I gained 5 pounds.  More than I would like, but there really is NO WAY to control it!  Overall I am just happy that I am not as big as I was with Hannah at this point.  I was 11 pounds heavier then I am right now...OH MY!
  • Swelling wasn't bad this week.  However, I am not wearing my wedding rings anymore because they are just uncomfortable.
  • No carpal tunnel, thank you Lord!
  • Heartburn was manageable this week.  Still just using Tums or Rolaids to help the burn.  My favorite ones are the Peppermint Tums.  I was using the fruit flavored Rolaids and they are just nasty!
  • Nausea was manageable this week as well.  However, the construction smells brought back some bad memories (not sure from what) that made me VERY nauseous at the end of the week.  I was trying to remember when I last smelled those odors but can't pinpoint a time during this pregnancy.  The only thing I can think of is when we remodeled our family room during my first pregnancy (while I was also very nauseous).  Crazy what your mind (and nose) can remember.
  • I was exhausted this week.  Not easy when you have a two year old and construction going on in your house!  We had wood flooring installed on our stairs, landing and in the laundry room.  What a mess!  There is now a thin layer of construction dust on every surface in my house and it's stressing me out!  Unfortunately I just don't have the energy to get it all clean.  I am working in very short sessions (5-10 minutes) and doing what I can, but there is just so much to do!  I definitely had a minor breakdown the other day about all there is left to do before Emma's arrival.  There are so many things I want/need to do but just don't have the energy for.  I'm hoping that Brian will help me out this weekend (especially since he will be out of town next weekend!). 
  • Braxton Hicks contractions are definitely more frequent, but nothing consistent and nothing that's actually making me dilate yet.  Just false labor.  Fun!
  • Next Appointment: Tuesday, June 5th (weekly appointments from now until the end)
Goals for this coming week are mostly the same as last week because I didn't finish any of them!  AHHH!  - Buy a present for Hannah (from Emma), install Emma's car seat (which also means we need to clean my car), pack the hospital bag, deep clean the house (even more necessary now!), set up all the baby gear (swing, bouncy seat, etc.), and possibly cook more meals for the freezer.  Still no furniture in Emma's room...this is getting serious!

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