Monday, June 11, 2012

27 Months Old

Hannah Banana,

Mommy has been EXHAUSTED this month and I want to say how sorry I am for that.  I have not been the Mommy that you deserve, but despite my laziness you have been a champ!  You have learned to play independently even more than ever (you've always been so good at that, but have really stepped it up a notch this month) and have been so sweet to mommy this month.  It was obvious that you knew that Mommy just wasn't feeling 100%.  Thank you baby! 

At the beginning of this month you had a pretty nasty cold - a major runny nose which became very raw after just one day of wiping.  It definitely looked painful!  Your sleep was a bit disrupted because of the constant runny nose, but overall you did great.  Speaking of sleep, at the beginning of this month you hit your stride!  You were falling asleep by 8pm every night and waking up around 8:15am every morning.  Marvelous!  You were also taking about an hour nap everyday.  Love!  However, by the end of the month you were back to your inconsistent sleeping patterns.  You were taking a long time to fall asleep again (one night it took 2 hours!) and naps were hit or miss.  When you did nap it was typically 1-1.5 hours (awesome!) but then there were days where you didn't nap at all.  The one thing that did stay consistent was your later wake up time (between 8-8:30am) which I really appreciated this month!  Thankfully even when you didn't sleep during your nap or when it took you forever to fall asleep at night, you were content to just stay in your crib and sing, without any fussing.  Much better than the days where you would scream the whole time.

Some of your cutest/favorite sayings this month were: "Talkie Hannah" (when you wanted us to be the voices for all your LOVE this!), "You're a good Mommy" (after I finished wiping your nose for the 100th time), "How are you?" (then we would ask you how you are and you loved to say "I'm good"), "I love you too" (every time we say we love you), "I have a good day?" (when we are tucking you in at night), "I like you" (at the most random times), "Oh Mommy/Daddy I yuv (love) you" (all the time), "I yuv you so much!", "I'm sawry (sorry)" (you put your head down and have a sad face), and "Hey guys.  What are you talking about?" (with her toys or with us).  Your sentences are very well formed these days and it's amazing what comes out of your mouth.  You are also singing up a storm these days!  You know SO many songs and sing them SO well.  Your pitch is spot on for a toddler and you know the words to well over 15 songs.  I think you have your mommy's talent of being able to learn a song after hearing it just one or two times. :-)

One of our favorite things to do this month (and actually for the last month or two) is going out to breakfast as a family on Saturday morning.  We go to J.Christopher's and you LOVE to have a yogurt parfait, an egg over hard and some of mommy's blueberry pancakes.  Daddy started this tradition with you on your 2nd birthday and you have loved it ever since.  We are trying to do it every Saturday until Emma comes because we know it might be a while before we can start going as a family of 4. 

You are still very excited (seemingly) for Emma's arrival.  At the end of this month we started setting up all of Emma's baby gear (swing, bouncy seat, activity mat, car seat, etc.) and you loved playing with all of it.  Your favorite thing was to put your tiny baby doll into the swing and push her back and forth.  It makes me a little worried for when Emma comes because I'm sure you will want to do the same with her.  I was a little worried that you would be upset that we moved your car seat (you used to be in the middle, but now we moved you over to the side and put Emma's seat in the middle) but it doesn't seem to bother you at all.  Instead you are excited that Emma's seat is next to yours and you keep talking about how you are going to hold her hand.  I'm just hoping that you don't mess with her too much or drop things on her head.  HAHA  When we ask you what you are going to do if Emma is crying in the car you say, "Sing her a song" and then we ask you what song you will sing her and your answer is usually 'The Wheels on the Bus'.  Precious!

Pink is still your favorite color, but I think the obsession is getting slightly less, which I'm happy about. 

We have not had any progress in regards to potty training this month.  You didn't even sit on it once this month.  After last month's pooping incident (when you were extremely afraid after pooping on the potty) you have continued to be afraid of poop.  You refuse to admit when you poop in your diaper and insist that it's just pee pee every time.  You have been constipated all month and I've had to start giving you prunes nearly every day in hopes of getting you more regular.

This month you have started to have some minor tantrums.  I knew these were bound to start at some point, but I was secretly hoping we would skip that stage - HAHA.  One thing that surprisingly works to stop the crying is to tell you that if you are going to cry you need to go to your couch (in your playroom).  You always say, "Ok" in a pitiful voice and go straight to it, put your head down on it and stop crying.  It's amazing!  Breaks my heart, but I do know that ignoring the tantrum is the best solution.

Your favorite foods this month were "yogi" (yogurt), cottage cheese, frozen blueberries, carbs of any kind, cheese, cookies (every time we go to the grocery store), "balls" (kix cereal), mac n' cheese with peas, cheese and spinach quesadillas, daddy's grilled chicken, couscous, edamame, pasta, eggs, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, and freeze dried fruit.

Bedtime prayers are getting more and more precious.  You now start your prayer with "Thank you Jesus" and then name a bunch of people (friends, grandparents, great grandparents), toys, food, or anything else that's on your mind.  Then end with "Amen".  You continue to remind us of things to pray for when we are praying but we are trying to teach you to be a good listener while we are praying.

You officially know all of your colors (with an occasional mistake) and several letters - B, D, E, H, M, and O.

The last few days of this month you have become a bit clingy to Mommy, which I definitely love.  I have a feeling that this is related to Emma's imminent arrival.  With her room starting to come together and all the baby gear being put out I think you are starting to realize that things are going to be changing around here very soon.  I have been cuddling you as much as possible and assuring you of how much I love you.  I am praying that Emma's arrival won't throw you off too much and that you will always know just how much Mommy and Daddy love you!

Other 27 Month Stats:
- You still wear size 2T or 3T clothes.
- You still wear a size 7 or 8 shoe.
- Still wearing size 6 overnight diapers and now wearing size 6 during the day.  However, they are definitely on the big side and we probably need to go back to size 5s during the day.
- You weigh 31.4 pounds, but not sure how tall you are because we didn't measure you this month.

This is your last monthly post before your little sister Emma arrives.  Hard to believe that we will be a family of 4 in just a few short days! (Mommy is due June 22).  These past 27 months have been the best of my life!  You have changed our lives in every way imaginable and we are so thankful for that!  We love you little peanut and you will always have a very special place in our family!

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