Friday, June 8, 2012

Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

Check out my post from Week 38 with my first pregnancy (Hannah).

Here's what's happening this week...

What's going on with the baby right now?
  • She is about 19.5" long (the length of a leek) and has just about reached her birth weight (somewhere between 6 and 8 pounds).  I am hoping for a smaller baby than last time, but only time will tell.  (Hannah was 8.2)
  • 2 weeks to go!  14 days!!!
What's going on with me?
  • I had a doctor's appointment this week and was 1cm dilated, but my cervix is still very high and long.  The midwife let me know that I have the option of inducing at 39 weeks if we want, however I doubt we will do that.  There are several reasons we won't do that, but the main ones are that Brian's parents will be out of the country until June 18th and the other reason is that I am still undecided about if I will go all natural with this labor, so inducing makes it much more likely that I would need pain medication.
  • I gained 4 pounds this week!  YIKES!  That puts me at +32 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Hoping that I won't gain much more.  The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that at this point with Hannah I had gained 42 pounds. 
  • Surprisingly I am only getting up one time in the night to pee.  I'm pretty sure it was the same way with Hannah.  I apparently have a very large bladder. :-)
  • While this is technically not about me, it's related.  I wanted to talk about how Hannah is doing with Emma's immanent arrival.  As far as I can tell she is still thrilled!  She is constantly wanting to talk to Emma and show her toys and says, "Emma come out soon".  It's precious.  She hasn't shown any signs of jealousy or anxiety about any of it.  While I am thrilled about this, it also makes me nervous.  Maybe she just doesn't get it at all.  I am constantly telling her how Emma is going to live with us forever and how right now it's just Mommy, Daddy and Hannah but soon it will be Mommy, Daddy, Hannah AND Emma.  I tell her that Emma will have the same Mommy and Daddy as her and that she will have to share her Mommy and Daddy.  She definitely doesn't get that part.  She will often say, "No, that's my Daddy".  I definitely think that sharing Daddy is going to be the hardest part of all of it.
  • We did our maternity photo shoot this past weekend and it definitely was different this time around having Hannah with us.  She decided to not take a nap that afternoon, which made for a very uncooperative two year old.  We will be lucky if we get one good picture out of the whole bunch. 
  • I had a horrible headache all day on Wednesday, which made me a little worried that my blood pressure might be elevated.  So I went to a local pharmacy and tested it.  Thankfully it was perfectly normal.
  • Brian is out of town for a friend's wedding and I have been on my own for the past two days with a toddler and a HUGE belly!  It's been tiring, but we have had fun and I've really enjoyed my time alone with Hannah.  Tomorrow Brian's parents are coming into town (on their way to London for a week!) so it will definitely be nice to have the help! 
  • Emma's furniture will be delivered TOMORROW morning!!  YEAH!  I am so thrilled to finally be able to get her room ready.  Talk about last minute.  Also, Buy Buy Baby has offered us a $150 gift card to compensate us for our trouble.  I think that is very fair and I am pleased with the way the district manager has handled all the problems we have had with this order.  However, I am still holding my breath to see how the delivery and assembly goes tomorrow.  Praying everything is right!
  • I took Hannah to Babies R Us yesterday to pick out a present for Emma (to give her at the hospital).  She didn't really seem to get the whole idea, but we did it anyway and once we picked something out she seemed a little more excited.  Of course she wanted to get something for herself too, but we talked about how special it was for her to pick out something just for Emma.  I also let her know that Emma would be giving her a special present too.  So that made her feel better.  We ended up picking out a lovie for Emma (she needed one more to add to the collection and Hannah loves all of hers so much that I thought this would be perfect).  I really picked it out, but Hannah didn't disagree, so it worked out nicely.  Then we spent about an hour walking around, playing with toys (free entertainment!).  The lovie has been sitting on the kitchen counter since we yesterday (I've really let the house go the last few days that Brian has been out of town) and every time she sees it she says, "Oh Emma, I got you a special prize (surprise).  It's a lovie Emma!"  It's so precious!
  • We put Emma's car seat in our car last weekend and every since, Hannah has been so excited about it!  Every time we get in the car she is sure to point out to Emma that we have her seat in the car (she insists on lifting up my shirt to show Emma).  She talks about how she is going to hold Emma's hand (their seats are side my side, so she will have easy access....could be a bad thing!).  She really is so excited!
  • Swelling was not bad this week at all.  Didn't notice any really.  Still not wearing my wedding rings though.  Also, no carpal tunnel still!  YEAH!
  • Heartburn was brutal this week.  I couldn't sleep many nights because of it and I even had it during the day at random times.  Yuck!
  • Next appointment: Tuesday, June 12th
Goals for this coming week are similar to the last two weeks (can you sense my lack of urgency?) - Buy a present for Hannah (from Emma), pack the hospital bag, deep clean the house, and wash bedding for Emma's room.  So much to do and so little motivation.  It hasn't sunk in that Emma could be here any day!

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