Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Baby Bucket List - Updated

I got this idea from another blogger - - and loved it, so thought I'd copy! This is a list of things we want/need to get done before baby #2 arrives. 

BABY ITEMS we need to get:
-Bedding set (bumper, 2 sheets, crib skirt, pillow and sham for chair)
-Chair for the nursery and ottoman
-Nightstand, hutch, toddler rails, and conversion kit for full size bed
-Crib Mattress
-1 more sheet for the crib (yellow, grey or white)
-Waterproof mattress pads (2)
-Newborn(1 pack) and Size 1 Diapers (2-3 packs)
-Pottery Barn Chair with her name for our monthly pictures (just like Hannah)
-Possibly some new nursing bras and tanks
-Nipple Cream - All Natural (Personal, I know, but it's a fact of life with nursing!)
-Changing pad covers (2 - yellow, grey or white)
-Personalized Pottery Barn blanket (just like Hannah, but in yellow, grey or white)
-Wall decorations for the nursery
-Curtains for the nursery with built in black out panels (yellow, grey or white)
-Sound machine
-Lamp for the nightstand in the nursery (yellow, grey or white)
-Pottery Barn baskets and liners for the hutch
-CD player for nursery (possibly use Hannah's instead)
-Trash can to use as diaper pail for nursery
-Baby book - start filling it in now!
-Floor Lamp
-Lovies (1 more)
-Mirror for the backseat of the car
-Sensitive baby wipes
-All natural diaper cream
-Nursing pads
-New breast pump or parts (thank you Bubbles for chewing up my old one!)
-Gum cleanser and brush
-Double stroller (suggestions???)
-Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets
-Coming home outfit for Emma (have Hannah help pick it out)
-Baby gate for Emma's room
-Teething tablets
-Gripe Water, Mylicon Drops, Colic Calm
-Outlet plug covers
-First Year Calendar
-Closet Organizers (dividers)

THINGS TO DO in the nursery:
-Empty room of everything that's currently in there
-Choose paint color and purchase it
-Paint (walls and touch up trim)
-New carpet
-Fix the closet shelving
-New door hardware on door and closets
-Figure out lighting
-Make letters to hang above the crib to spell out baby's name
-Have the nursery furniture delivered and assembled
-Hang curtains
-Hang letters that spell "Emma" above her crib
-Recover the glider with fabric that matches the bedding (getting it upholstered and should be ready in 2-3 weeks)
-Move the internet router from Emma's Room to the Guest Room

-Strip all cloth diapers in hopes of using them with baby #2
-Air out the crib mattress for 28 days before baby's arrival (gets rid of chemicals) - Started on April 10, so it will be ready on May 8! 
-Get the Pottery Barn Blanket monogrammed
-Wash all newborn and 3 month clothing...stain removal with oxi-clean
-Hang and fold washed clothes and put away
-Figure out how to hook up the IP cameras we bought to use as video monitors for the girls' rooms
-Preregister at the hospital
-Stock the freezer with meals for after baby arrives!
-Plan a night or weekend away with Brian before baby comes
-Maternity photo shoot (Sunday, June 3)
-Set up a newborn photo shoot for after baby arrives
-Pack my hospital bag
-Install car seat (wash the cover)
-Set up pack n' play, swing, bouncy seat, activity mat
-Write thank you cards as needed

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