Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All About Me...A to Z

A: Attached or single? Definitely attached and loving it!!  We will celebrate our 6 year anniversary on Aug. 7!

B: Best friends? My husband, Brian is my best friend hands down!  But I am also blessed with some great girlfriends and family members that I consider to be my best friends

C: Cake or Pie? Can I pick both?!  I really like them both...just depends on my mood.  But if I had one of each side by side, I guess I would pick pie (as long as it's apple, pumpkin, key lime, or something else yummy)

D: Day of choice? Saturday because Brian is here with us and we don't normally have any obligations.

E: Essential item? Jesus, my family and friends

F: Favorite color? Depends on my I guess.  But having a little girl is starting to change that.

G: Gummy bears or worms? Both...I LOVE gummies!!

H: Hometown? Born and raised in the Daytona Beach, FL area (but no longer live there)

I: Favorite indulgence?  Lately it's been ice cream :-)

J: January or July? July!  I definitely like summer better than winter

K: Kids? Our sweet baby girl, Hannah who is 3 months old

L: Life isn't complete without....? My family and friends!

M: Marriage date? August 7, 2004

N: Number of brothers & sisters? One of each, plus 2 brother in laws and 2 sister in laws

O: Oranges or apples? ones.  But I also love orange juice.

P: Phobias? Bugs of all kinds!!  YUCK!

Q: Quotes: I'm really not a quote kind of person

R: Reason to smile? My sweet little girl makes me smile every day!  She is such a blessing from the Lord.

S: Season? Fall

T: Tattoos?  Nope

U: Unknown facts:  See my previous post - 25 Things About Me

V: Veggie? I like most veggies but the first one that comes to mind is corn on the cob

W: Worst habit: Picking the skin around my nails

X: X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound!  What an amazing day it was to see our little peanut on her first ultrasound!

Y: Your favourite food? Pasta...yum!

Z: Zinc or sunscreen? Sunscreen

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