Friday, June 18, 2010


While purging the front room (see my previous post) I came across a box of journals.  I have been journaling for as long as I can remember and still do.  I found journals from as far back as 1989 (I was just 7 years old).  My journals are something that I cannot purge...I LOVE looking back at them.  Journaling is an outlet for me.  I write in my journal about my struggles and my joys.  As a child I would write almost everyday, but these days it not nearly as often.  I definitely don't write daily, or even weekly...sometimes not even once a month.  But I do write whenever I am struggling with something (I use my journal as a prayer journal at times too).  I have even started a journal for Hannah.  I am writing her letters about things she is doing and how she is growing.  I hope to be able to keep up with it as she grows and when she is old enough, she can start her own.

Writing is definitely a passion of mine and I find so much peace in it.  When my mind is jumbled with thoughts, it always helps to get them down on paper.  Writing clears my mind and helps me focus on what's truly important.  And I love looking back at past entries and seeing all that the Lord has done in my life.  It also helps me remember my past (I have an AWFUL memory) and is a source of true entertainment when I am bored. :-)

Do you keep a journal?  If you have children, do you encourage them to keep a journal or diary? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Remember that Sunday is Father's Day! :-)

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  1. I used to journal all of the time but have definitely not kept up with it as well lately :) But I too have an awful memory so I really should be better at it!