Friday, June 25, 2010

Are we crazy?

We may have lost our minds, but we are going to attempt to go out to a "fancy" dinner tonight....with Hannah!  Oh boy!  We are going to try out a new steakhouse in the city with some friends and have no other option but to bring Hannah with us (kind of last minute and not sure how Hannah would do with a babysitter anyway).  We made our reservation for 6:45pm so that we could try to beat the "fancier" crowd and to try to work around Hannah's bedtime (which has been 7:30pm lately, so we'll see).  We are hoping that she might sleep in her carseat, but you never know!

I asked Brian if we were even allowed to bring a baby to a fancy restaurant.  I mean, have you ever seen a baby in a steakhouse (and we're not talking Outback).  Hmm....I wonder if they will even have a sling or highchair for her car seat.  If nothing else, I'm sure we will get some weird looks.  :-)

This is sure to be an adventure.  Wish us luck!  I will be sure to let you all now how it goes.

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