Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sorry I didn't post the last few days....we were on a short vacation.  We went to Blowing Rock, NC where my parents rented a cabin for a few days.  My sister and her family came also and got to meet Hannah for the first time.  It was great to see everyone and get to spend a few days with family.  Oh how we wish they all lived in Atlanta!! 

Hannah did great on the trip.  The only rough time was in the car on the way they when she pooped through her clothes.  She hadn't pooped in several days, so you can imagine!  She did this again, two days later while we were driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, seeing the beautiful sights.  I have learned to always bring a spare outfit for her! 

We are all feeling so much better after the nasty cold we had.  Thankfully Hannah never got worse and was feeling much better after a couple days.  I still have a runny nose, but I can handle that. 

Hannah will be 12 weeks old tomorrow, which I can hardly believe!  My little girl is growing SO fast! 

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